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Almost everyone who owns a mobile phone has dropped it at some stage and no matter how well the cover protects it, occasionally the drop results in a cracked or shattered screen. Getting the screen replaced by the manufacturer is usually really expensive and in reality it is actually quite a simple fix, its even easier on the iPhone X than on previous iPhone models. You can buy an affordable replacement from Typhonepart.com.

In this guide, we’ll show you step by step how to replace your screen on your iPhone XS. Although this guide is done specifically on an iPhone XS, the iPhone XR and iPhone X as well as plus models are very similar inside as well.

How to Replace your Screen

The replacement of your iPhone XS screen is done in three stages, you’ll first need to remove the old screen, then transfer the earpiece and sensor ribbon cable assembly over to your new screen and finally install the new screen onto your phone.

The most important thing to keep in mind when doing this replacement is to keep your screws well organised. The screws inside your iPhone are different types, sizes and lengths and it is very important that you put the correct screws in the correct place. It is easy to get confused and lose track of your screws. I like to draw a quick sketch of each bracket or component and lay the screws onto the sketch over the hole they came out of.

The next thing you may not be familiar with is the ribbon cable connectors. These are very fine connectors which simply “snap” into place, similar to Lego. To separate them, you can slide your pry tool underneath the connector and pop it off. To connect them again, make sure that they two are correctly lined up and simply pressed down on top of the connector and you’ll feel it snap into place.

Here is the complete video guide to replacing the screen, with steps outlined below:

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