iPhone 11 Screen Replace Guide

iPhone 11 Screen Replace Guide

wenliliNov 13, '20

iPhone 11 screen replacement tutorial

Step one:Separate the old iPhone 11 display

1.1 Prepare all tools and new screen, turn off the device.

1.2 Loosen the two pentagonal screws at the bottom

1.3 Separate the screen with a triangular plastic prying tool and a suction cup, gently insert an ultra-thin plate into the gap, and blow a 60℃ hot air gun to the edge in advance to facilitate separation, but do not overheat the device

1.4 Use a steel scraper to pry up the display, and use a stable object such as a box to fix the display next to the iPhone to prevent it from sliding or breaking and bending

1.5 Loosen 5 Y-shaped screws and carefully remove the metal plate with tweezers.

1.6 Use a spudger to disconnect the flexible cable of the display screen and separate the old screen

Step two: Transfer the handset and rear panel from the old screen to the new display

2.1 Loosen the Y screw and three Phillips screws on the headset

2.2 Turn the earpiece to the side, then remove the small metal bracket from the ambient light sensor

2.3 Use tweezers to carefully disconnect the flexible cable of the earpiece, and dry it with a hot air gun, because it has been slightly glued here. Please use this cable with special care, because if it is damaged, the Face ID will not be usable.

2.4 Separate the two flexible cables on the rear panel, blow with a hot air gun to facilitate separation, and then carefully pry up the entire cable with a steel scraper

2.5 Loosen 9 Y-shaped screws, lift the whole board with a steel scraper when loose, and blow with a heat gun if it is tight

Step three: Install the rear panel and reassemble the new screen.

3.1 Install the rear panel on the new screen, make sure it is correctly installed in all positions, and then glue the flexible cable to the rear panel.

3.2 Tighten the nine Y screws on the edge to fix the rear panel.

3.3 Insert the sensor cable, press the sensor and make it in place, put the small metal bracket back.

3.4 Put the earpiece back to the correct position, screw back the Y screw and three Philips screws to fix the earpiece.

 3.5 In order to protect internal parts from dust and splashes, it is recommended to use new frame stickers around the edges. The same frame sticker refers to the replacement of the frame adhesive used for iPhone 7 in our store.

3.6 Connect three new display flexible cables to stabilize the display and make sure it is in the correct position.

3.7 Reinstall the metal bracket, and then screw back 5 Y screws.


3.8 Test the working status of the new display, such as touch sensitivity, proximity sensor, earpiece, etc. If some of them do not work, please check the seating position of the connector and flex cable.

3.9 Turn off the power of the device and install a new monitor, make sure that the new screen is exactly on the frame, and then press the edges and each corner to seal the gap.

3.10 Screw back the two pentagonal nails at the bottom to complete all the processes.

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