What Make TS8 LCD Better?

What Make TS8 LCD Better?

MaHowardJan 16, '20

Have you ever encountered touch problems with aftermarker LCD? Like low touch refresh rate, touch no response, touch error, 3D Touch is not working.

    Are you still get headache for the color problems? Such as screen color is not pure black, color is not average, color is not rich.

    Are you still fighting for the only $1 or 2$ price difference for the aftermarket LCD with your competitors?

    Are you still losing customers and your market share because of the factors above, which you can not control or change?

    Let's say "NO" to these poor quality LCD screens. Let's "STOP" arguing for terrible price competition. Let's "CHANGE" the market environment, "DEVELOP" our business and "GET" more market share by premium TS8 LCD.

    Our engineers are devoted to design a premium quality LCD to solve all problems you met before. After unremitting efforts and research, now we are pround to release our latest product --- TS8 LCD.

Here let's check out advantages of TS8 LCD:


Faster refresh rate

For a long time, touch refresh rate is ignored. But as everyone knows, touch refresh rate will influence the smoothness and touch speed, the faster refresh rate will bring more smooth use and better gaming experience to customers, so we notice this. The problem has been improved, and now you can experience a 120Hz touch refresh rate on TS8 LCD.


Built-in 3D Touch

3D Touch is another function problem for the aftermarket LCD, sometimes it doesnt work partly, and the response is not particularly sensitive.. Our engineers study and design the built-in 3D touch technology and get this problem to be solved. For now in the market, only our TS8 LCD can achieve the real 3D Touch effects. With built-in 3D Touch technology, there is no difference between our TS8 LCD and original.


Real black Color

The aftermarket LCD can't reach the pure black color. When you see the aftermarket LCD at a 45°view angle, the black color is getting whitening. But TS8 LCD is completely pure black at any view angle, this is totally same as OEM.


Color Saturation and Resolution

Rich color and high resolution has been a challenge. For TS8 LCD, we investe in original front polarize, premium liquid crystal and backlight, also combine accurate manufacturing processes to make sure the color saturation and resolution. Now we are pround of bringing you such a excellent visual experience in TS8 technology which is even better than OEM LCD.


Smoother Oil-repellent coating

Most of the aftermarket LCD do not have an oil-repellent coating. We attach great importance to this detail and have added a premium oil-repellent coating on TS8 LCD. When the water falls on the TS8 LCD, it is droplet-shaped and does not leave any water spots. However, this is just a small point. More importantly, with oil-repellent coating, the touch feel is smoother on TS8 LCD. 


6.True Tone Function

Apple launched True Tone function while iPhone 8/8 plus came out, but most of the aftermarket LCDs can not keep up with this new program. After our efforts, this important feature can be implemented on our TS8 LCD. And we are glad to tell you that you should keep up with us for the new things always.


7.Thinner IC

We used a thinner IC on TS8 LCD to avoid the installation problem. As you know, if the IC is bigger and with incorrect installation place, yellow spot is showing on the screen. So now let's throw this headache away  by TS8 technology.

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