iPhone XR Screen Replacement Guide - Easily done at home

wenliliDec 5, '20

iPhone XR Screen Replacement - Easily done at home

Typhonepart has released a teardown of the iPhone XR.The company completed the disassembly of the device, showing each component and the tedious process of disassembling the phone.Buyers want to know if they can replace their broken monitors with some good news: it's not an impossible task.

It is almost inevitable that phone screens will sometimes break, and replacing them has become an increasingly expensive repair job.The cost has led some phone owners to try repairs on their own, but the rise of sealing back panels, lots of glue and complex hardware has made the task very difficult.

Typhonepart is arguably the most popular unpacking site, and iPhone XR unpacking follows its iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max guides.This leads buyers to expect that they will be able to repair the equipment themselves.

As the video above shows, the repair process is a bit tedious, but not very difficult. When the back panel is removed, a bit of prying, screw removal and heating is required, after which it will be a slow process of removing the screws and removing the parts.According to Typhonepart, DIYer can replace a broken monitor without having to unload a bunch of hardware, and retain the Face ID "with a little care."

Typhonepart points out some of the difficulties, including the continued use of pentabde and triangular screws, although it points out that they are still better than the difficult adhesives.
Similarly, waterproof components add complexity to DIY repairs.But these parts are given away for free at Tyhonepart.
These problems can be completely solved in Typhonepart.

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