Real iPhone X Disassembly Process - iPhone X Teardown

Real iPhone X Disassembly Process - iPhone X Teardown

wenliliNov 23, '20

Real iPhone X disassembly process - iPhone X Teardown

 The steps are as follows:

1.iPhoneX is so integrated that it makes us feel a little lost.


2. The first from the bottom of the five - point plum screw removed, a total of two small screws.


3. After the screw is unscrewed, you can try to open the front panel with suction cup.



4. Page disassembly has become the standard design of Apple. We open it in the page style, and the process must be slow.


5. A baffle covers all the interfaces on the logic board. It can be seen that the interface density is extremely high.


6. Y screw is used inside iPhone X to prevent random disassembly.


7, after buckle the interface of various baffles, you can separate the front and rear parts.


8. The fixed bracket of rear double photography gives the double photography module a certain protective effect.


9. The other side of the camera is fixed to the back panel with some foam adhesive, as shown in the picture below.


10. Small, dense solder joints on the back to prevent possible collisions.


11. Now we can take apart this densely arranged motherboard.


12. The following is the dual battery module of iPhone X, as shown in the figure below.


13. The battery life of the removed dual-battery module is about 2716mAh, which is only slightly larger than that of the iPhone8 Plus.


14. Now we begin to disassemble the depth perception camera system, as shown in the figure below.


15. The next part to be disassembled is the back plate.


16. The first thing to take off is the woofer module, which is covered in waterproof glue.

17. Then removed the famous Taptic Engine and barometer, as shown in the figure below.

18.The Lighting interface seems to have been enhanced to enhance the unplug life of the interface.

19. Now it's time to disassemble the display.

20. The components above the display are very complex: speakers, microphones, ambient light sensors, floodlights and distance sensors.

21. The system integrates a range of sensors to give the iPhone X facial recognition.

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