For iPad Pro 10.5" Screen Replacement Full LCD Assembly


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For iPad Pro 10.5" Screen Replacement Full LCD Assembly

Compatibility iPad Pro 10.5" A1701 and A1709

10.5 inch 1668 x 2224 (265 ppi)

This is the iPad Pro 10.5 LCD Screen Replacement. If you have dropped your iPad Pro 10.5 and are now seeing image impediments in the form of splotches or blurry lines, you have likely damaged the inner LCD screen on your tablet.

This iPad LCD replacement screen available here at is a top-of-the-line replacement that will cost much less than replacing the entire damaged iPad Pro 10.5. It will allow you to view images on your tablet again just like you did when it was new. 

We will also include almost everything you need to replace your damaged iPad Pro 10.5 generation LCD screen, including a free plastic opening tool kit, adhesive strip